The third presentation of the map of the existing sewage system in Kaludjerica and a discussion with the initiators of the project and participants in the process of making the map.

Project team members will be on call on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 15, 16 and 17 September at the Kaludjerica Local Community Office (From 10 am to 1 pm) and at the local Democratic Party committee office, 2a Volgina Street (from 6 to 8 pm). The drawing up of a map of the existing sewage system in Kaludjerica began last year as part of the FLUX BENEATH OUR FEET project. After the first batch of data had been gathered and entered onto the map (including the types of the sewage system(s), joint construction solutions in some parts of the suburb, some critical areas, etc), one map was placed in the entrance hall of the Kaludjerica Local Community Office making it possible to add new pieces of information and corrections and comments on the existing version. A new version of the map containing the data newly collected in the local community in July was displayed at the office of the local committee of the Serbian Progressive Party, again inviting further updates and comments. The latest updated maps will be made available to the public at the Kaludjerica Local Community Office entrance hall and at the local Democratic Party committee office. From now on, the project is open to collaboration with local committees of all political parties active in Kaludjerica. In addition to indirectly marking the phases in the history of the founding and the development of the settlement, the map raises many questions for the informants, viewers and the public to consider, including those regarding housing policies implemented by the state and the city, the distribution of wealth, territorial restrictions and urban planning, as well as the cultural and economic positioning related to these issues. During the meetings and discussions with the residents of Kaludjerica, a number of topics focusing on the past and present of the suburb are reconstructed and discussed. Some of them were explored and presented as part of the documentary embroidery workshop "Kaludjerica from A to SH" ("Kaludjerica from A to Z") led by Aviv Kruglovski and Vahida Ramujkić as part of their exhibition held recently at the gallery of Cultural Centre Belgrade with the support of FLUX project staff and Kaludjerica Local Community Office). 

Project initiator and co-ordinator: Nebojša Milikić
Artist moderator: Dragan Jovanović
Map making: Nebojša Kitanović, Milan Zarić, Dragan Jovanović, Nebojša Milikić Production support: Ljiljana Milovanović, Aleksandar Stojiljković
Organization and co-ordination of data collection and entry: Nebojša Kitanović, Milan Zarić, Nebojša Milikić
Promotion and PR: Tatjana Vasiljević
Organized and produced by: Cultural Centre REX with the support of the Belgrade City Secretariat for Culture
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The FLUX project, launched in 2001 has incorporated different forms of cultural and artistic production prepared or developed in the circumstances believed to be characteristic or already typical of the suburbs of Belgrade. Based on the idea of creating and maintaining equitable conditions for production and creation of contemporary art, throughout the decade of its existence, FLUX has evolved from providing extended distribution of the existing artistic production to generating new creative and presentation concepts in different social and infrastructural situations related to Belgrade suburbs.  


Ring Ring

New Music festival RING RING has received exceptional media coverage and drew numerous audience over past 15 years.

Musicians from Yugoslavia where sharing scene with worldwide known musicians of new music. RING RING participants where from Germany, Italy, USA, Russia, Senegal, (Yugoslavia,) Japan, Check Republic, France, Great Britain, Australia, Netherlands, Rumania, Austria, Sweden, Japan... World music, chamber music, alternative rock, improvisation, jazz, noise, new instruments, new meetings where performed on RING RING.

During it's existence RING RING - guided by Bojan Djordjevic - become one of the most prestigious European new music festival. With world, European and Balkan premieres every year the Festival is beneficial both for participants and audience. With it's international scope it gives the opportunity form musicians from all over the world to meet, play together, experiment. Co-organizers are Multikultivator, RING RING and Cultural Centre REX.

Short Electronic Form Fair

SHORT ELECTRONIC FORM FAIR is an exhibition of electronic art works that last not longer than 30 seconds or can be viewed during that time.

Flux Beneath Us

In the frame of project FLUX BENEATH US, in Belgrade's suburb Kaludjerica is realized the map of sewage canals. The map of the sewage system in Kaludjerica surface a number of issues related to developmental, environmental and societal issues that characterize not only Kaluđerica, but in fact most of the other Belgrade suburbs.

Checking Point

CHECKING POINT is an experimental programme consisting of exhibitions to be held, throughout the year, at the entrance hall of the REX Cultural Centre, the space showcasing works of artists examining or adopting new creative concepts or production methods.

The Bibliotok

The BIBLIOTOK project aims to introduce the wider public to the publications focusing on contemporary art, theory of culture, literature, comics, gender studies and minority groups. The library at REX has many such publications that appeared in the volatile conditions in the 1990s and after 2000. How does the general public perceive and understand the content of these magazines, studies and collections of articles about the still topical issues from the worlds of culture and politics? This is the question we aim to find an answer to together with the people living in three buildings in the vicinity of the REX cultural centre. The people in each building have been given a dozen publications, among which the issues of magazines Arkzin, Reč, Profemina, Stripburger, Prelom, Remont, etc. This project is still open to other groups and individuals as part of the project FLUX AROUND US.


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