Flux01 / Flux02

= introducing contemporary art into the suburbs of Belgrade (August 2000 onwards) 

Immortalization Project

Lexa Walsh's work is based on the history of objects, nostalgia, creation and their transformation - the interrelation between objects and the stories and their owners.

The Living Tradition

The Living Tradition concert series is an excellent opportunity for you not only to see local world music stars, but also to discover some new authors and become experts on the Serbian ethno.

Open Secret

= The project launched by Cultural Centre REX and partner organizations and institutions focusses on the phenomenon of open secret through holding workshops, creation of artistic and documentary works and staging local and joint exhibitions.

Images Of Transition

= The project Images of Transition is organized by REX - B92 Cultural Centre in collaboration with Resource Centres from Nis, Sandzak, Negotin, Leskovac and Bor and the Urban In Club in Novi Pazar. It was carried out in 5 different towns in Serbia throughout 2002. The aim of the project was to focus on the problems that are currently facing the people living in Serbia. This was done through collaboration and consultations with artists of different professional backgrounds who are active in the field of visual arts and use classic and new media as a means of expression.

Tito - Past Present

= B92's Tito - Past, Present project aims to deal with the phenomenon that could be named "Titoism". This is a phenomenon which, over a period of time that is relatively long (in terms of human life) but, at the same time, short (compared to the course of history), marked joint history of all Balkan peoples that participated in the project known colloquially as "The Second Yugoslavia"

Belgraders (Beograđani)

= project dealing with the position of the Belgrade Romany from the beginning of XX century to the present (February 2000). The project consisted of the exhibition held in REX, open-air activities = billboards, distribution of fliers; media activities = series of jingles and TV clips. Preparations for the publication of a CD ROM about the project are under way.

Graphic Conspiracy

(GRAFICKA ZAVERA) = support for the development of local comic-strip scene (the first comic-strip collection was published in 2000)


= frames selected from TV programs of different TV stations during the air raid warning in Belgrade. author Zoran Naskovski (year 2000)


= creating basic conditions for more advanced and creative use of new media (2000)


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