Artist in residency/Crossroads East West

24. 09. 2012

Bojana Piškur, member of the Radical Education Collective and custodian at Modern Gallery Ljubljana, will be participating in the Crossroads East West residence programme (hiperlink Belgrade from 24 September to 3 October 2012

Crossroads East West is a part of Engine Room Europe (, a project carried out by Fund B92/Cultural Centre REX and eleven other cultural centers from all over Europe, members of the TEH network. During her stay in Belgrade, Bojana Piškur will focus on continuing her current research efforts or undertake new ones concerning the activities and the position of local cultural workers. Previous research and debates have been documented on the following web pages: and

Đorđe Balmazović of the Škart (Rejects) art group will be the local artist collaborating with her on said topics. Their experiences and production will be presented to the audience during the debate to be held at Cultural Centre REX in next few months.