BLUE TALK Bitef Polyphony

Cultural Centre Rex

21. 09. 2015 20:00

The play deals with the deconstruction of the role of "savior / helper" as someone who comes from outside. The question is how much you're responsible for the position in which you are and can we find in us and in our community sufficient strength to overcome the crisis.


Paradoxical, reflecting individual capacities to overcome challenges, "Blue Stories" calling for solidarity and companionship.



Final directing and dramaturgy: Jovana Rakić ​​and Marko Pejović
Assistant: Jelena Stojiljkovic
Direction of fragments and workshop leaders: Hrvoje Handl, Nedim Malkočević and Boris Čakširan

Participants: Danijela Stojković, Jelena Stojiljković, Stojan Simić, Bojana Nešović, Ana Živulović, Darko Sekulić, Nikola Repec, Dragan Jugović, Marija Jugović, Jovica Blaževski, Ognjen Micić, Milutin Savić, Slobodan Lazić, Sandra Marković, Bego Mehičić, Azra Fajić, Edina Salihović, Adnan Sivić, Faruk Šišić, Vahid Đulović, Hrvoje Handl, Ksenija Kapelj, Alen Orešković, Vlatka Ročić Petak, Snježana Markotić, Sandra Podgorelec, Jagoda Goršić, Estera Šolc i Ana Šolc

Technical support: Bojan Palikuća / Marko Milinković
Photo and video: Maja Ven, Lucija Oroz and Mirza Hurić

The performance is a result of the project "Blue Talk", which was implemented in Tuzla, Zagreb and Belgrade, through workshops, presentations, round tables, performances and dialogue with the audience.

The project deals with issues affecting users of psychiatric services, their position in society and stigmatization. Using creative drama processes and inclusion project raises these issues in public discourse and establishes cooperation between multiple user organizations, cultural institutions and artists in the region.


The project explores the relationship between the society and the individual and the position in which the individual is placed. He is being classified in social groups, according to characteristics such as gender, nationality, skin color, education ... On the other hand, social relations are becoming more complex, and thus more difficult for an individual to navigate.

So the question is how to survive in such a society.Who am I, and where society puts me? Who are "we"? Am I ready to accept the other and different, or to cling to what is "we" in fear of "them"?

Project leads "ERGstatus" from Belgrade in partnership with:
"TK Feniks" from Tuzla, "Ludruga" from Zagreb and "Duša" from Belgrade

Donors of the project are:
BAC - Balkans Arts and Culture Fund and
Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia