HOT POTATO 2 (REPLAY), or what are (all) the social problems in Zemun Field?

Local community Zemun Field

05. 07. 2015

"Who does not want a hot potato will receive two,” - could be a principled conclusion of a series of talks that CC Rex team realized in April, May and June in Kamendin, Zemun Field.


Seminar for everyone:
"HOT POTATO 2 (REPLAY) or what are (all)the  social problem in Zemun Field?"

The complexity of social and political configuration of the settlement that unites both social care for the poorest and their ghettoization shows that the problem of this kind should not be seen and understood as a specific, local issue, but rather as part of the overall socio-economic fundamentals and dynamics. Given that this dynamic did not establish itself but is instead a part of wider political and economic laws that deal with individual problems of social housing users (from the inability to pay for utilities, which results in threats of eviction, to the inability to cope with the general stigma and discrimination), the issue is inevitably seen in broader context.

One hot potato - a particular position of beneficiaries of social housing in Kamendin - turns into two, because almost every such situation is a by-product of the system where a continuous need to help the poor results in continuous creation and maintenance of conditions that, in a way, ritually put them in a position of futility and helplessness.

The indisputable desire and capacity of social housing users to debate this topic are stated in a series of interviews conducted during the preparation for the first seminar, and apparently there is no appropriate response in responsible institutions. The question is how state and city services within the austerity regime in general are able to professionally and continuosly provide comprehensive support for a complex situation of a large number of users and beneficiaries of social housing. In any case, the worst about this is that nobody discusses or reacts to situations where, for example, enormous debts render a large number of residents with no prospects to pay their bills unable to extend their apartment contracts - a direct pre-condition for eviction.

Therefore, at the seminar on Sunday, where project plans will be given out at the request of Kamendin residents, we will once again discuss various issues that continue to burden the residents of this town which largely reflect the society and the world we live in. Participants of the seminar will also witness a certain schematic way of viewing social issues in Kamendin, developed by an artist Vahida Ramujkic based on her consultation with the CC Rex team.


Danilo Curcic, lawyer

-Social housing in a situation of accumulated debt (Economic affordability of social housing in Kamendin)


Tadej Kurepa, certified journalist and political scientist

-Media coverage of the protests in Kamendin in November 2013


What are all the social problems in Zemun Field, or KAMEN-DIN-AMIKA

Presentation of a schematic drawing of social issues in Kamendin, made by Vahida Ramujkić based on the results of CC Rex team's research.

Preparation and moderation of the seminar: Nebojsa Milikic

The first seminar was a part of the speaking program of Cultural Center Rex, prepared in cooperation with the Regional Centre for Minorities and NGO "Poslednja nada" ("Last Hope") from Zemun Field. This second seminar was organized to continue our work on the project and maintain the possibility of joint planning and further work on these topics.