Workshop “Contemporary Collecting on Hot Topics – New Role of the Museums and Cultural Institutions”

Cultural Center REX

09. 06. 2011

Continuation of the Conference held yesterday in the Cultural centre REX, organized in cooperation among Fund B92, Cultural centre Rex, C31 - Centre for Developing Children's Rights Culture and the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade


During the workshop (held in REX, from June 9th till 12th,) participants get practical knowledge about methodology of contemporary collecting and how museums using Hot spot method can take an active role in dialogue about hot issues in the society.

On the first day of the workshop, representatives from different museums and cultural institutions worked on the Hot spot method guided by the guest speaker Samuel Thelin. They had possibility to develop own ideas for the Hot spot exhibition relevant for their institution, following the criteria of the effective ‘Hot spots'.

Participants had task to point out hot topics in Serbian society and agree about those which are most efficient and relevant. Divided in several groups they chose one topic and worked on developing the Hot spot exhibition layout and the program concept around it. Chosen issues were varying from the problem of values in society, significant presence of discrimination to different influences that children and youth are facing in Serbia, and violence as its consequence.
After summing up, workshop participants expressed enthusiasm and intention to develop further ideas and concepts generated on today's session and to try to implement them in practice.